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Service and Feature Overview

A quick introduction to the EyeSaaS platform and services, and a speedy feature overview for Control Center and Customer Center.

EyeSaaS is a Service Platform for Service Providers

EyeSaaS currently delivers two services adapted to service provider needs and roles:

Pearl Overview

For EyeSaaS Pearl, all customer organizations get their own EyeSaaS server instance in our private enterprise cloud.

You Have a Control Center and a Customer Center

  • Control Center for device monitoring and management, as well as user management.
  • Customer Center for single device interaction and troubleshooting.

Depending on whether your own access level is Admin or User, you may have access to both of these centers, or Customer Center only.

Customer Center Is Where You Help Your Customers

Customer support representatives and others can use Customer Center for:

  • Extensive status and configuration information per device.
  • Automatic highlighting of potentially problematic areas and configurations.
  • Diagnostic tools for live troubleshooting include:
    • Ping check from device to address of your choice
    • Reboot device
    • Reset device to factory default
    • Update firmware

Note that not all features are available for all devices. This generally depends on the standards compliance of the device. Devices that are not able to support all features will have a compatibility level of Legacy.

Control Center Is Where You Manage and Monitor Your Install Base

  • Dashboard for quick reports and status overviews, such as devices that have been in contact with the server during the last 24 hours.
  • Monitoring: Further insight into your install base.
  • Inventory: Add devices for management. For details, see How Device Management Works.
  • Firmware: See the firmware versions already deployed, and set up and monitor firmware upgrade policies. For details, see How Firmware Management Works.
  • Configuration: Configure devices by adding services to them. Currently supported services include voice and WLAN.
  • Users: Add and manage users on your EyeSaaS server instance. For details, see How User Management Works

There Is Also the Steel API

The third way to access our services is EyeSaaS Steel API. Steel API allows organizations to integrate their own systems directly with their EyeSaaS server instance.

Most users will never come into contact with the API directly or even need to think about it.

Environmental Policy

Eye Networks is a certified Eco Lighthouse and a member of Green Dot Norway.
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Technology Partners

EyeSaaS is developed and delivered in close collaboration with our world-class technology partners.
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