EyeSaaS Carat by Lifemote: Service Quality Analytics You Can Act On

As an ISP, you have an install base full of data, but raw data can’t drive your business. EyeSaaS Carat combines wireless networking expertise with AI to bridge the gap.

The Cost Of Bad In-Home Wi-Fi

  • At least 30% of customer calls to ISPs are Wi-Fi-related.
  • Hardware replacements are frequent and costly, but often unnecessary and rarely resolve Wi-Fi problems.
  • Customers blame ISP for Wi-Fi issues, complain to others, and may go to the competition.

From Don’t Know To Can Do

EyeSaaS Carat is service analytics for the entire organization
EyeSaaS Carat gathers data from your customers’ CPEs and transforms them into the information you need, identifying poor and underperforming lines, Wi-Fi interference and coverage issues, trends and opportunities.

Pay As You Grow

Carat works for any size and tier ISP and install base, with a scalable pricing model.

Be Vendor Neutral

It’s all software. The lightweight Carat data-collection agent can run on almost any CPE and has a tiny memory footprint.

Learn From History

Real-time is not enough: Carat uses historical data to predict trends and identify problems that build over time.

Combining AI With Domain Knowledge

Artificial Intelligence is not a magic wand. Carat algorithms are developed, trained, and tested by wireless networking experts.
That’s how Carat takes you from raw data to actionable reports that identify problems and suggest concrete measures.

Your Time To Shine

You know your customers, and you are the expert on serving them. Carat puts you in the best position to ensure that they are happy—and stay happy.

With Carat, you can:

  • Reduce customer churn
  • Identify opportunities
  • Cut costs

Powered By Lifemote

Carat is a collaboration between the Wi-Fi experts in Lifemote and Eye Networks.

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