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EyeSaaS Pearl: TR-069 Cloud ACS for Device Management and Support

Get real-time device management and insight beyond the gateway with Pearl, a hassle-free, standards-based cloud ACS, created to meet the needs of ISPs.

We reduce complexity and overhead by offering simple interfaces and streamlined workflows, so you can get on with your job, instead of configuring and maintaining another system.

Use EyeSaaS Pearl to manage and support:

  • Gateways/CPEs
  • Wireless access points and repeaters
  • Mesh and multi-AP Wi-Fi networks

Pearl is securely hosted in our private enterprise cloud, running on the EyeSaaS service platform.

Management Beyond the Gateway Using TR-069 and TR-181

The home wireless network has long been a black box to service providers. You know it has problems -- you can tell from your customer service records, and you know the problems are costing you, but you haven't really gotten the opportunity to see the problems, nor do much about them.

With EyeSaaS Pearl, you can go beyond basic management of the gateway and also get access directly to the wireless access points, allowing you to see the wi-fi traffic, and interact with the access points for diagnostics.

Works Out of the Box with AirTies Mesh

AirTies Air 4920 mesh networks work perfectly with EyeSaaS Pearl.EyeSaaS Pearl works with any fully TR-069/TR-181 capable device. It also works out of the box with AirTies wireless access points and mesh networks. See mesh status and link speeds between access points, diagnose customer problems, link multiple access points to a single household.

Read our case study to learn more about how AirTies mesh and EyeSaaS Pearl ensured full coverage and happy users in a Norwegian housing cooperative.

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EyeSaaS Pearl Features and Benefits

Customer Center

Real-time interaction and troubleshooting with individual access points and mesh networks.

  • Check connectivity from the AP.
  • Verify mesh health and setup.
  • Determine wi-fi quality for APs and clients.
  • See and upgrade firmware version.
  • See and change configurations.

Control Center

Batch operations and install base management:

  • Device management
  • Install base monitoring
  • Firmware management
  • EyeSaaS user management
  • EyeSaaS audit log

Steel API

You can integrate your BSS/OSS with EyeSaaS using Steel API to call any Control Center operation from your own systems.

There is no additional cost for API access, but any assistance with integrations will incur professional services charges.

Accessible Documentation

Our public knowledge base is available to instruct users of Control Center and Customer Center.

Steel API documentation is available to customers upon request.

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Add Carat And Take Your Services to the Next Level

EyesSaaS Pearl takes care of your real-time management and support tool needs. Combine Pearl with EyeSaaS Carat by Lifemote to add AI-driven Wi-Fi analytics to the mix.

Carat accumulates and learns from historical data, enables automation, and allows your organization to identify Wi-Fi issues, usage trends, and upsell opportunities.

Learn more about Carat

About the Service Platform

EyeSaaS is a service platform for device management and insight. We develop both the platform and our services to suit the needs of service providers:

  • Simplified interfaces
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Sophisticated business rules

The EyeSaaS platform builds on open standards, and on software components from leading ACS vendor Axiros.

As an EyeSaaS customer, you get your own EyeSaaS platform instance in our private enterprise cloud, located in a secure data center in Sweden.

Services do not collect any end-user identifying data, and ISPs keep any personal information about their customers in their own systems. All services are fully compatible with EU privacy regulations.

Read more about the EyeSaaS service platform here.

Simple Price Model, No Hidden Costs

  • We have a fixed start-up cost and an annual per-device license, with a minimum number of devices to get started.
  • Interoperability services for requested new device models may incur professional services charges.
  • Assistance with API integrations will incur professional services charges.

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Eye Networks is a certified Eco Lighthouse and a member of Green Dot Norway.
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Technology Partners

EyeSaaS is developed and delivered in close collaboration with our world-class technology partners.
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