About EyeSaaS

We want to give service providers the tools and insight to create excellent experiences for their users. That’s why we are developing the EyeSaaS service platform.

The EyeSaaS Story

EyeSaaS is a business unit of Eye Networks.

Since 2005, Eye Networks has been in the business of serving ISPs. We pick the best products from vendors and help ISPs find the right solutions for their customers. Then we pre-configure, test and ship from our own warehouse. We also offer technical support.

In short, we know ISPs. A lot of them. We know their products, their preferences, and their pains.

Our philosophy has always been giving an excellent level of service to all ISPs, regardless of size.

In EyeSaaS, we use this ISP knowledge and service philosophy to develop cloud services that can ease the pains and meet the needs of ISPs.

Meet The Team

Here at EyeSaaS, we are geeks who enjoy coming up with good solutions. A couple of us have been in the networking industry since 56k modems were a hot commodity. The others came later, but no less enthusiastically, to the party.

We always strive to do the helpful thing, the relevant thing–and to have fun doing it. We’re a small and dedicated team of people who thrive on putting our combined experience to work for our customers.

Jan Pedro Tumusok, General Manager

 Pedro is the chief architect and development lead behind EyeSaaS. He founded Eye Networks in 2005, coming from a role as CTO of Zyxel Norway.

Loves: Wireshark and IPv6.

Linda Firveld, Head of Sales and Business Development

 Linda is our sales head with a nose for tech–or is it vice versa? She came to Eye Networks with industry experience from Zyxel and Firstmile, among others.

Loves: New business opportunities and networking–even the social kind.

Geir Arne Rimala, Technical Manager

 Geir Arne keeps his trained eye on product quality, performance, and coverage for the end user. Before coming to Eye Networks, Geir Arne worked at Zyxel, Ventelo, Broadnet, and Beck Engineering–among others.

Loves: Getting things to work and teaching other geeks.

Jorunn Danielsen Newth, Information Architect

jorunn-d-newth-eyesaasJorunn strives to structure and document all things EyeSaaS. She has technical communication and project management experience from Opera Software, Mintra Trainingportal, and Cisco.

Loves: Concise writing and great keyboards.

Our Technology Partners

At EyeSaaS we are proud and pleased to be working with a lot of strong partners and projects within research and development.

You can read more about these projects and partnerships here.