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Bulk Manage Devices

You can add multiple devices to your EyeSaaS inventory and register them at the same time by uploading a .csv file to the server.

You can add multiple devices to inventory and register them at the same time using a .csv file that you upload to the server.

Add the Devices

To bulk add devices:

  1. Create a correctly formatted .csv file that includes the required information for each device. You can download a sample .csv file below.
  2. Go to Control Center > Inventory.
  3. Click Bulk Manage.
  4. Select your .csv file and upload it.

Uploads take some time to process, depending on the number of devices you are adding. You can see completed jobs in your Audit Log.

Format Your CSV File

For a bulk upload to work, the file must be correctly formatted.
You can download a sample .csv file.
If there is an error related to a particular line in your file, you will be notified of the line number and device ID affected.

CSV File Requirements

On upload, some pre-checks will be performed:

  • The file size must not exceed 10Mb.
  • Each device_id (first column) may only appear once in the file.
  • Each device_id must be new, that is, cannot already be registered in EyeSaaS, as editing through bulk upload is not currently supported.


  • The first line of the  file must be the column headers and must read: "device_id,customer_id,optional_id". You can use semicolons in place of commas, but do not mix the two.
  • All lines must end with a linebreak.
  • For data fields:
    • Device ID and Customer ID are both required.
    • Optional ID is, unsurprisingly, optional.
    • The supported characters are _A-Za-z0-9 (which means no spaces).
    • Each field may contain 4-32 characters.

A Note on Privacy

As always, ensure that the Customer ID and Optional ID do not contain any customer-identifying information, such as phone numbers, addresses, or similar. For more information, see Customer Privacy.

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