Use the Audit Log

The Audit Log Displays All Control Center and API Activity

As a user with admin-level access, you can use the Audit Log in Control Center to see any action performed using Control Center and Steel API, and which user performed the action.

The audit log lists all actions and can be sorted on any column.

Search the Audit Log for Devices, Users, or Actions

All the information visible in the Audit Log is searchable. This means you can search for:

  • Any of the standard column values (timestamp, username, IP, action)
  • Any value displayed in the “Details” column, including:
    • The Device ID, Customer ID, and Optional ID (if applicable) of registered or updated devices.
    • The Device ID of unregistered or deleted devices.
    • The name, username, and email address of added or updated users.
    • The username of deleted users.
    • All details for added or updated firmware policies.
    • The policy id of stopped firmware policies.

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