Monitor Firmware Policy Status

These are instructions for tracking the firmware policy status. For an overview of the firmware management process, see How Firmware Management Works.

Scheduled, Active, or Stopped

In Control Center > Firmware, policies are listed by their current status:

  • Scheduled policies have a start date in the future.
  • Active policies are currently running and being triggered by devices as specified within the policy.
  • Stopped policies are past their scheduled end date, have been manually stopped, or stopped because they reached a specified maximum number of successful or failed upgrades.

Upgrade Number Counts

For each policy that is Active or Stopped, you can see the number of upgrades that have been triggered and completed, and how many have failed.

Completed Number of devices that have been successfully upgraded.
Triggered Number of times that the policy has been triggered. As this depends on the setting for retries, this number may well exceed the number of applicable devices.
Failed Number of devices that failed to upgrade. Note that any failed upgrades for a device that then succeeds on a retry, will not be counted.

Counting Examples

The counts are affected by the number of retries allowed and attempted for each device before considering the upgrade a failure.

For example, if you have set Maximum Retries to 5, and one device fails five times:

  • Triggered will increase by 5.
  • Failed will increase by 5.
  • Completed will not increase.

If, in the same scenario, the fifth retry is successful:

  • Triggered will increase by 5.
  • Failed will not increase.
  • Completed will increase by 1.

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