Managed Wi-Fi And Fiber: A Better User Experience For Demanding Customers

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Broadband Customers Are Not Happy

In Norway a couple of years ago, consumer satisfaction researchers saw something seemingly peculiar: Broadband customers actually rated their Wi-Fi quality lower than they did the year before.

OK, so network interference was on the increase, but was the overall quality really heading the wrong way?

In a word: No.

So what has really been going on?

Simply put, customers are less happy now because they expect more. 

And they expect it from you, their service provider.

The Solution Is Modular And Managed Wi-Fi

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Challenge: Fixing the Home Network
  3. The Solution: Going Modular
  4. The Benefits of Going Modular
  5. Summary
  6. Sources and Links
  7. Companies and Brands

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