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How Device Management Works

An overview of device management, registration options, and the significance and privacy implications of the device and customer identifiers.

This is an overview of how device management works in EyeSaaS. For instructions on adding and managing devices, see Register and Delete Devices.

Devices Contact Your Server Using the ACS URL

You must ensure that the ACS URL of your EyeSaaS server instance is present on all devices that you want the server to manage. The device will then contact your server as soon as it comes online.
In many cases, your vendor or reseller will have pre-configured the devices with the ACS URL for you. If this is not the case, there are three main options for adding the URL to a device:
  • The device's own web interface
  • The device's command line interface
  • DHCP Option 43

For instructions, see the documentation for your device and/or DHCP server. The ACS URL must be complete and include the desired protocol--http or https depending on what the device supports.
EyeSaaS does not check for username and password. If the device does not support leaving credentials blank, you can populate these fields with dummy data.
When the device contacts the server, it will show up in your Control Center inventory and in Customer Center.

You Must Register Devices to Manage Them

In order for you to fully manage a device associated with a customer, you must register each device with both a device ID (serial number) and a customer ID on your server.
You can register devices through the Control Center interface, or using systems integrated with the server using Steel API. All devices will show up in inventory regardless of how they were added to the server.
You can register devices before or after they first contact the server.

You Cannot Use Personal Identifiers for Device Management

Registering the device involves tying it to a customer ID (CID). There is also a field called Optional ID that may be used for project identification or similar.
It is important that none of these identifiers contain any kind of personal information.
Use customer IDs that are:

  • Unique to each customer, preferably numeric or alphanumeric.
  • Non-identifiable to anyone without access to your customer database.

Do NOT use potentially identifiable and/or non-unique identifiers such as:

  • Email addresses
  • Usernames
  • Phone numbers or parts of phone numbers

Using identifiable customer IDs or optional IDs is a breach of customer privacy and EyeSaaS terms and conditions.

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