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What is a good wi-fi signal? Further explanations in the article below

Wi-Fi Signal Strength: What Is a Good Signal And How Do You Measure It

A quick overview of the required Wi-Fi signal strength for different online activities.

Five steps to choosing the right SSID setup for your network (also described in the article below)

How to Choose the Best SSID for Your Wi-Fi

What’s in a name? For a wireless network, a great deal, as its setup may even affect network performance. Here is a five-step guide to finding the best SSID setup for your network.

The History of Wi-Fi

The very first Wi-Fi standard came out in 1997. In the years since, the technology has spread like wildfire—but where did it come from? Who should we be thanking?

What is a sticky client? A client is any device connected to a (wireless) network, and a sticky client is one that won't give up on a connection that is not usable, or that is worse than another available connection

Sticky Clients: Wi-Fi Devices That Hang On To A Bad Connection

It sounds like something out of a self-help book: Wi-Fi clients who love their access points too much and won’t let go of a bad connection. These clients are a very real problem in Wi-Fi.

Bad Apple: A Single Slow Device Can Kill Your Wi-Fi

It’s true: The slower a device’s connection, the more Wi-Fi capacity it consumes. Worst case, it becomes a bad apple and makes the entire network suffer. Here’s how it happens and what you can do.

Infographic: Wi-Fi Signal Loss By Building Material (also described in the article below)

Which Building Materials Can Block Wi-Fi Signals?

Are you curious why a part of your home, or even an area just outside the house, has poor Wi-Fi reception? It could be due to the material used for the wall, or other physical barriers that block or weaken Wi-Fi signals.

Stop clearing away your wi-fi signals, place your access point out in the open, never behind the TV or inside a cupboard. More tips in the article below

Stop Clearing Away Your Wi-Fi Signal

Note to neat freaks: If you keep covering your access point up, you are actively making your home Wi-Fi a lot worse than it needs to be.

What Are Frequency Bands in Wi-Fi? A quick explanation (also found in the article below)

Why Band Steering Means Better Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi band steering detects what a wireless device supports and automatically steers it to the best available frequency band when connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Fiddling with your wireless access point to increase transmitted signal strength may sabotage your own coverage, create unnecessary interference for your neighbors, and even break the law. More in the Wi-Fi Central article below.

Why Boosting Your Wi-Fi Signal Is a Bad Idea

The internet is full of tips and tricks for fiddling with or extending router antennas to “boost” your Wi-Fi signal. Don’t take that advice. Here are three reasons why it’s a bad idea.

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