Troubleshoot Firmware Policies

Policy Trigger Conditions

Firmware policies will only be triggered when:

  • All conditions explicitly set in the policy are met.
  • A device reports the exact firmware version defined in the From Version field to the server.
  • Both the From Version and the To Version are available in the list of Versions.
  • The To Version has a URL defining the location of the firmware. Example:
  • The device is able to reach the firmware server (See Set Up a Firmware Server).

Policy is not Triggered

If a policy is not triggered, verify that all fields are correctly filled in and conditions are correctly specified.

Policy is Triggered, but Fails

If a policy is triggered, but fails, verify the following for the To Version:

  • the URL of the firmware is correct and the package is available on the server.
  • the firmware file is accessible to the device/the device can reach the file on the server.
  • the firmware file is correct and usable. Try downloading the file from the firmware server and manually upgrading the device using its web interface.

Device Upgrades are Inconsistent or Loop

If device upgrades are triggered, but behave unpredictably, you may have created conflicting policies.

  • Example 1:
    • Policy 1: From firmware A to firmware B
    • Policy 2: From firmware A to firmware C
    • Result: Unpredictable. Some will be upgraded to firmware B, some to firmware C
  • Example 2:
    • Policy 1: From firmware A to firmware B
    • Policy 2: From firmware B to firmware A
    • Result: Endless firmware upgrade and reboot loop.

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