Check and Update a Single Device Firmware Version

To check and/or update the firmware version of a single device, use Customer Center:

  1. Locate the device by searching for the customer ID or device ID.
  2. Click on the device in the search results to open device information.
  3. On the Device information tab, locate Software version.
  4. To update the firmware on this particular device, click the wrench icon next to the software version number.
  5. Add a complete firmware download URL where the new firmware is available and that can be reached by device.
  6. Click Start Scenario.

Note that if there are any firmware policies set up in Control Center that apply to this device, those policies will override any changes you make to the device directly.

Use these instructions only for single device firmware operations and troubleshooting purposes. Applying the same firmware to more than one device should be done through Control Center. See Apply New Firmware to Devices.

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