Register and Unregister Devices

You must register devices to fully manage them, but any device configured with the server ACS URL will show up in your inventory. For more detail on how this works, see How Device Management Works.

Register Devices Using Control Center

  1. You have two main options for registration:
    • Device has not yet contacted the server: click the Register Device button.
    • Device is already online and has contacted the server: locate it in inventory by searching for the device ID (serial number), select the device and click the Register button next to the device entry.
  2. Fill in the registration fields:
    • Device ID corresponds to the serial number of the device. If the device has already contacted the server itself, this field will be populated.
    • Customer ID must be linked to an entry in your customer database, but not contain any identifiable information.
    • Optional ID may be used to tie the device to a specific project or other group of devices, but may also not contain any identifiable information.

Note that no ID fields may contain spaces or special characters. Hyphens and underscores are allowed.

The device will be added to inventory, and the Last Contact column will remain empty until the device comes online.

Unregister a Device

Select a device from the Inventory list and click the Unregister button next to the entry to remove:

  • The Customer ID.
  • The Optional ID (if present).


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